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Consent is the cornerstone of BDSM, anyone that breaches the consent of another guest will be asked to leave and won’t be permitted to return. Enthusiastic consent must be established before any kind of contact.



Bitchiness, bullying and negativity towards each other is not tolerated. This is a space to uplift one another. If you have a bad attitude towards other guests or staff you will be asked to leave. Immediately. We do not accept racism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, sizeism,  or elitism. 



Drug use and extreme intoxication reduce the ability to give or withdraw consent, nor can you perceive when consent is given or withdrawn by partners and guests. Therefore, if you are clearly over-intoxicated, or using drugs you will be asked to leave the venue, and risk not being invited back.



There are always photographers/videographers at our events. We provide appropriate wristbands at the door to those who do/don't want their photo taken, there is no expectation for you to have your photograph taken. Photographs from our events are used for Instagram, our website and sometimes print/press. Only professional photographers are permitted to take photographs at our play events, guests are not. Our selfie policy differs from party to party depending on if there’s play, and if there's a designated selfie area. You will be informed prior to the event.



Phones in sacred spaces like these, where many guests require and deserve privacy can lead to discomfort. If you need to answer a text message or check in with loved ones, we ask you to do so away from any play, and preferably in a private space (feel free to nip to the loo!) At our play events, you will be provided with a sticker for the back of your phone - we ask you to use it and be mindful of how having your phone out could make others feel.



For the general health and well-being of all, sanitising stations are provided throughout the playroom and we ask that you wipe down any equipment or surface you have used/intend to use both before and after play. If you need guidance please ask one of our monitors. 



We welcome and encourage play, however, there is some play that is better suited to private settings. We ask that guests be sensitive to the triggers and/or trauma of others. Further, there will be no knife/needle play, or other such blood play in our playroom, unless stated otherwise. Please be aware of other people's space when they’re playing, and don’t interrupt. 



We strongly encourage you to use safewords at our events, please discuss this word with your play partner prior to engaging in play. If in doubt, please use the traffic light system. 


We recommend that you establish any aftercare needs your playmate may have prior to playing. We welcome any and all that need a private moment to wind down. A monitor will be on site for help and reassurance should you need them. We can also provide you with water, a snack and a seat if needed. 



Our events always have an element of performance. We ask that you do not, under any circumstance, interrupt these performances or invade the performer's personal space - unless invited to by the performer.  We encourage guests to tip and trust you to make the correct judgment on when and how to do so (some of our venues do not allow performers to accept cash, we will provide you with a digital tip option if this is the case). Performers are not to be treated as objects or free-for-alls. They are working and deserve our respect. 



One Night is a femme-focused space, however, just because someone in your eyes presents as female, doesn’t mean their pronouns are she/her. Please ask, don’t assume. It’s incredibly important to be mindful of one another, and together we can make a space that is welcoming, non-judgmental and thoughtful. 



This is a kink space and you are expected to dress accordingly. If you are dressed casually we reserve the right to refuse entry. Dressing appropriately for these spaces is important. We accept lingerie and fetishwear; this includes latex, PVC, lace, mesh and leather garments. It is important that our guests feel comfortable in expressing their sexuality, and we invite you to be bold, daring and empowered by your attire (or lack thereof!) There is no need to spend lots of money on an outfit, feel free to be as creative as you’d like. We set a 'colour code' for each event, which we invite you to join in with. 

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