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About 'One Night'

One Night was born from the desire to create a space that is positive, non-threatening and welcoming to women. Mainstream clubs and bars have shown us how predatory and invasive male-dominated spaces can be with even multi-gendered sex parties often feeling intimidating, threatening or focused on the tastes and preferences of cis-gendered men.

We wanted to create a party where a woman could meet other like-minded women, explore their sexuality or forge friendships without feeling any pressure to engage in sex or look a certain way. Somewhere which defied the play party ‘norm’; (often) heavy in dominant cis males and focused on ‘providing’ submissive women. A space that welcomes women+ of all sexualities, sizes, ages and backgrounds, where they could be their natural selves and express themselves freely without being harassed, pressured, fetishized or lusted over by men.

It's nearly impossible for us to describe the atmosphere of the event and what happens within these nights, so we hope you can come and discover it for yourself. The overwhelmingly  positive response we have received from our parties so far demonstrates how badly London needs a space that is just for women, somewhere for us to feel comfortable and liberated through play and conversation.

There is an emphasis on uplifting and empowering one another at One Night - We hope that when you leave, you leave as part of a community as well as a leaving from a night that will continue to play on your mind... 

Rules and Expectations

CONSENT: there will be no touching, grabbing, whipping, spanking, choking, or anything of the sort unless you have clear permission. If you do not respect this, you will be asked to leave. Immediately.  


DRUGS & ALCOHOL: we do not tolerate drugs and extreme intoxication. You know your alcohol tolerance and the house asks that you respect it. If you are intoxicated, it is our belief that you no longer have the ability to give or withdraw consent, nor can you perceive when consent is given or withdrawn by partners and guests. Therefore, if you are clearly over-intoxicated you will be asked to leave the venue. 


PHOTOGRAPHY: We will be photographing/filming parts of the event; appropriate wristbands are provided for those that do/don't want their photo taken. You are not permitted to take photos except in the designated selfie area. 


PHONES: There are areas of space for play and areas of the space for socialising. We ask you to keep your phones out of sight and have your camera covered with the stickers provided.


HYGIENE: for the general health and well-being of all, sanitising stations are provided throughout the playroom and we ask that you wipe down any equipment or surface you have used/intend to use both before and after play. If you need guidance please ask one of our monitors. 


PLAYROOM: we welcome and encourage play, however, there is some play that is better suited to private settings. We ask that guests be sensitive to the triggers and/or trauma of others. Further, there will be no knife/needle play, or other such blood play in our playroom, unless stated otherwise.


SAFEWORD: we strongly encourage you to use safewords at our events, please discuss this word with your play partner prior to engaging in play. 

AFTERCARE: there will be a designated area for decompression after play. This space welcomes any and all that need a private moment to wind down. A monitor will be on sight for help and reassurance should you need them. Sofas, water, and snacks will be available in this area, and you may take whatever time you need there.


PERFORMERS/SHIBARI ARTISTS: there will be regular performances throughout the night. We ask that you do not, under any circumstance, interrupt these performances or invade the personal space of the performer. We encourage guests to tip, and trust you to make the correct judgment on when and how to do so. Performers are not to be treated as objects or free-for-alls. They are working and deserve our respect. 


ATTITUDE: Bitchiness, bullying and negativity towards each other is not tolerated. This is a space to uplift one another. If you have a bad attitude towards other guests or staff you will be asked to leave. Immediately.


DRESSCODE: this is a kink space and you are expected to dress accordingly. If you are dressed casually we reserve the right to refuse entry. Dressing appropriately for these spaces is important. We accept lingerie, bondage and fetishwear; this includes latex, PVC, lace, mesh and leather garments. It is important that our guests feel comfortable in expressing their sexuality, and we invite you to be bold, daring and empowered by your attire (or lack thereof!) 


This is a space *exclusively* for women and non-binary people to explore their femininity. However, we do have two-three highly trusted male subs in the welcome room and at the entrance, but NOT the playroom (other than the male toilet). These men will be there at our service, to offer foot massages, to fetch/serve drinks. They are there to serve, not to play (intimate play is forbidden for these men, the slaves are well-trained and understand the rules). There will also be a male toilet, it is your choice to use him or not, but he will be available all night long! (The toilet is provided with a blindfold which can be used upon request.)  All male slaves are collared and in chastity throughout the event.


How do I apply?

By completing the form here

How do you choose who attends?

Tickets are allocated on a first come, first served basis only. We do not select guests, offer guestlist or hand pick our attendees. We release tickets online to be purchased via a third-party site to prevent any kind of discrimination or unconscious bias. All women are welcomed equally, regardless of age, ethnicity or image. We are very proud of the diversity of our guests and love to be surprised by the variety of our attendees!

Do I need to submit a photo?

We require a public Instagram or Fetlife profile purely for safety and vetting purposes, and we do require ID so that we can confirm your age.

We aren't asking for this visual information in order to make a selection on an aesthetic preference. We love how you all look and the effort you put into your outfits and there are no requirements for you to attend based on age, appearance etc. We are not the sort of party that selects a ‘sexy’ crowd. The amazing sexual energy of our party comes from your empowerment and confidence- not from how you look. This is a very important part of our ethos and something we are both committed to and proud to maintain.

Is this event for dominant women?

You don’t have to conform to any sexual label to attend. We have both submissive and dominant women at our party, and those who haven’t yet discussed their orientation or don’t ascribe to any label. You do not need to feel pressure to conform to anything other than being respectful!

Do I have to play if I attend?

No. This is a positive space for women to socialise, be around other like-minded people and start to explore the fetish scene. We encourage play if you are in the mood, but there is absolutely no pressure to get involved. We have both a main playroom and a more socially focused reception room, should you feel you need a break from the action.

What can I expect to see at a One Night party?

A variety of women and non-binary guests, of all ages, ethnicities, sexual persuasions and body types. We are so proud of the strong, powerful, beautiful women that grace us with their presence! There is also a shibari artist in attendance to tie throughout the night as well as kink performances. We have a reception room for buying drinks and socialising and a fully equipped playroom with dungeon furniture and apparatus for your use.

Do I need to bring my own toys?

You are very welcome to bring your own toys. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk, and we cannot be responsible for any lost items- please keep an eye on your personal belongings. We provide sex toys and safety apparel, including wipes, hand sanitiser and condoms. We encourage our guests to play safely and responsibly. There are facilities for cleaning toys and alcohol spray for before and after use of furniture.

Do you have an age limit?

All attendees MUST be 18 years or over. We have no upper age limit.

I’m straight- can I still attend?

Absolutely. Our party is for women and non-binary persons of all sexual persuasions.

What does ‘woman’ mean? Are non-binary people allowed to attend?

Yes, non-binary people are welcome if they are comfortable in a space which explores femininity (this isn't for us to decide or make judgement on of course - we are not gatekeeping which non-binary people are suitable).


Do I have to be photographed?

The event is photographed by our nominated in-house photographer/s. Selfies are allowed by guests in the reception room. We do encourage guests to be respectful of others and not take any photographs without consent. You do not need to have your photo taken if you do not want to be photographed- simply let us know when you arrive or prior to the event and we will give you a wrist band which will identify you as anonymous to our photographers.

Is this a good event for newbies?

We like to think so, and aim to make it as warm and welcoming as we can. The night is what you make of it, so we encourage you to not be too nervous, relax, have fun and enjoy the party.

What are the rules of the Space?

Scroll up! 


I’m male, can I attend?

You may not. One Night parties are for women and non-binary persons only.

How easy is it for someone who is new to the scene to attend alone?

Very easy! A lot of women attend alone. It’s only a small venue with a limited number of guests, so you won’t get lost in the crowds. The One Night parties are friendly, welcoming events. If you do feel shy or nervous, make an introduction to your hosts Miss Gold or Mistress Adreena- they will be happy to help you. We also create WhatsApp groups prior to the event with all the attendees so travel arrangements and outfit ideas can be discussed!

What is the venue?

One Night is currently touring different London venues.

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