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One Night was born out of a love for sexual spaces, but a disdain for entitled men. Mainstream clubs and bars have shown us how predatory and intrusive male-centric spaces can be, with even mixed-gender sex parties often feeling intimidating, cautionary or tailored to the desires of cisgender males.

One Night is an event series where femme-leaning people can meet other like-minded individuals, explore their sexuality or/and develop friendships without feeling any pressure to engage in sex or look a certain way. It is a space which welcomes women and femme-leaning non-binary people of all ethnic backgrounds, social backgrounds, body types, sexual preferences and ages (18+, unless the venue states otherwise).

One Night was established informally in 2016 but has been run from various equipped spaces since 2019. The event was originally a play party, but over the years it has become an event series which also includes socials and panels (alongside parties that are for play). We also enjoy collaborating with other events and organisations whose ethics and agendas align with ours. 

This is a space for our pleasure, education, entertainment and liberation. It’s a space in which we encourage you to uplift and empower one another. We hope that when you leave, you leave as part of a community as well as a leaving from a night that will continue to play on your mind...

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